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Welcome to Mekong Delta Export & Import Company! We are manufacturer and exporter of home and decoration products in Vietnam. Most of our products are made by hand. Our supply capacity comprises the production in our own factories and the mobilization of traditional household making. That enables us to increase our supply beyond the limit of the factories, with monthly volume of more than 40 containers. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries in the world with very good reputation.

 As a responsible supplier, our first and above all priority is the increasing satisfaction of all partners on the products and services. The good and long relationship is what we strive to build and develop. We will continuously serve, work and grow together with you along the time.

Product Development

Since our products belong to the fashion industry and very design oriented, we have set up a very strong product R&D section with a team of well-qualified designers who will continuously create the new designs with the excellent combination of traditional and modern style. The customers will be able to enjoy wide range of home supplies, including table wares, kitchen wares, dinners wares, basketry, decoration items and other home products with thousands of design.

The quality of products also very much depends on the craftsmanship and material processing. That is why having high skill labors is our strong point. We also inherit the art of traditional material-processing and know how to apply new technologies to ensure that the natural beauty of materials is maintained in products.

Quality Control

Since our products are almost made by hand, quality control plays very important role. The quality control team consists of well-qualified and experienced quality control staff, which works round the clock to ensure that the commodities produced, not only meet but exceed the required quality standards of the buyers. The quality monitoring process consists of the following important stages:

  • Initial inspection of raw material.

  • 100% inspection of goods during the process of production, finishing & packaging.

  • Random inspection of ready merchandise before dispatch of each shipment.

  • Control of non-confirming products.

  • Corrective & preventive action.

  • Maintenance of quality records.

  • Internal quality audits.

People at Mekong

In order to accomplish the above great missions, human resource is the biggest strategy in Mekong. We provide a dynamic and exciting environment to encourage the people to display abilities at the best. The efficient performances are highly motivated by adequate rewards. We provide infrastructure for talented business person to work in. In order to execute each task to perfection, all people in Mekong strive hard to achieve global standards in quality, cost, service & scale of operation.

Core Value

We know how to take advantage of both traditional making customs and modern management to achieve the highest productivity, prompt services and lowest cost. Our production capacity could meet the orders of even many designs and various materials in very short time. Strict quality control process ensures that both general and individual quality standards are met. Packaging is done carefully to ensure easy and safe transportation to the destination. We also have a reliable and well-coordinated transportation network that facilitates the delivery of products in the specified period. . Although each item of handicrafts is individual piece by itself in terms of craftsmanship, design and color, we can customize manufacture of the products to meet the specifications and requirements of individual customers.


With rich heritage and long tradition in making, profound professionalism, experience & expertise in doing business, we are all set to create a niche for ourselves in the world market through the increasing satisfaction of all partners.


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